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Tailored treatments with transparent pricing.

At Cosmetic Doctor Melbourne we listen to our clients and deliver tailored treatments designed specifically to suit the outcome you desire with open and transparent pricing. It can be daunting thinking about cosmetic treatments for the first time. We offer private consultations with no obligations so we can get to know you and your goals. We have used this open and transparent approach to help people from all over Melbourne find the most suitable cosmetic procedure tailored to their needs.


Areas of Practice

Cosmetic Injectables -anti wrinkle

Anti wrinkle injections are designed to relax the muscles that cause lines and creases in your face.

About us

We want to meet with you and decide what the best treatment is for you! Designing a specialist treatment regime that suits your needs and produces the results you want. We guarantee great prices and outstanding value on all our treatments. You only pay for what you need, we value your experience with us and want to ensure your treatment is resulting in the outcome you most desire.




PRODUCT – D $5.50 per unit

Forehead (40 units) - $220 Frown lines (50 units) - $275 Crow’s Feet (50 units) - $275


 Major areas (130 units) - $650 Men’s 3 areas (150 units) - $750 *+/- 10 unit variance on each area

dermal filler - cheek/jaw

Ultra Deep / Thick Filler (1ml) - $520 *Other treatments upon consultation

Dermal fillers

Cosmetic product that fills lines and provides lift to facial appliance.


At Port Melbourne Cosmetic Doctor we are passionate about achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. We go to great lengths to ensure we are able to provide you with personalised, affordable and high quality cosmetic skin treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh. We operate on a no obligation appointment basis, please book online to arrange a complimentary consultation to design a custom made treatment plan.

Tailored treatments with transparent pricing
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